Did You Know?

Problems In Winter

Winter time, snow on the ground and a man shovelling it up

During prolonged cold spells you may find that your boiler keeps shutting down. It could well be due to the  pipe which discharges condensed water from your boiler being frozen. Happily it's straightforward to resolve. If you find you're having issues with frozen pipes during a cold snap then just call and we can stop it in its tracks.

Can't Stay Awake?

A woman suffering from a headache pinching her nose

Do you find that you're suffering from frequent headaches or tiredness? Or maybe you've noticed that you feel nauseous regularly. This could be the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a poorly fitted or maintained gas appliance. This is very dangerous and you should stop using your appliance immediately. Make the next call you make to EvenFlow who can come and put things right.

The Dripping Tap Effect

Water droplet

Not only are dripping taps annoying but they can be surprisingly costly too.  Although you might not realise it, over the course of days and weeks a dripping tap can waste many hundreds of litres of water. What seems a minor annoyance can actually be very expensive. Allow us to solve the problem for you.